Android 3.2 Update for UK Xoom to Arrive in September

Motorola recently released Android 3.1 update for Xoom
owners in the UK, asthma however, viagra sale this also means that the UK users are still a step
behind the US Xoomers, view when it comes to climbing Android update curve. But
Motorola has now announced that it would be releasing 3.2 version of Android in
the UK in September. So, you get to wait only a month to get the sweet taste of

Android 3.2 is already available on Xoom in a couple of countries
including the US. The update had been around since July.  Android 3.2 brought quite a few new functions
such as SD card compatibility. Additionally it also has app zoom feature, which
optimizes phone apps to fit tablet screen.

The delay in launching 3.2 in the UK is mainly attributed to
the difference in product status in the US and UK. The company had clarified
that US update was a non-operator update and was available only for ‘Google
Experience’ device. Xoom in UK are not Google Experience devices. However,
there is a positive side to it too. Motorola clarified that, “(It) has greater flexibility in providing
software updates to these devices, including providing additional functionality
that may not be included in the Google software updates.”

Android 3.1 contains plenty of new features which should
keep you occupied for next one month. You can now resize your home screen
widgets. The update also provides Bluetooth support for various add-ons such as
mouse, joystick and keyboard.


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