Apple Rains on Galaxy Tab Party in Australia: Wins Reprieve in Personal Audio Case

Apple is getting lucky with the legal authorities. The Cupertino company has effectively put a stop on the sale of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until Australian courts decide whether the South Korean tab infringes on Apple patents or not. Apple and Samsung had been embroiled in lengthy bitter legal battle. The skirmish has even taken its toll on their mutual relationships. Samsung is among the biggest part suppliers for Apple, health but a couple of their contracts have already been terminated.

Apple accused Samsung of stealing its touchscreen technology. Samsung is also accused of copying Apple products’ “look and feel”. Pursuant of this legal battle, see Samsung was directed to provide Apple with prototypes of its upcoming products. However, prostate Samsung’s similar request was not granted. And now Samsung cannot even advertise its tablet in Australia. However, if it does manage to win the lawsuit, it would be entitled to receive unspecified compensation.

Apple had another legal victory, when a US District Judge in Texas ruled against Personal Audio from seeking additional damages from Apple. The Cupertino company was recently found infringing on a patent held by Personal Audio. The company has already been paid $8 million but Personal Audio is seeking additional damages.  The company alleges that Apple used its technology for making iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and hence it is entitled to additional compensation. Personal Audio did not specify whether it would be appealing against the ruling or not.

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