iPhone 4 Stock Levels Falling: iPhone 5 Release Nearing ?

After Apple gave the world first proper hint that they have something special planned for the Autumn, it looks like stock levels of the current iPhone 4 have dropped which has led many commentators to predict that the iPhone 5 is getting closer to a release date.

“A lot going on in the fall with iOS 5 and iCloud,” Oppenheimer announced this week with the Apple’s latest quarterly figures, he added a “future product transition that we will not talk about today” will have an impact on the quarter’s sales figures.

New reports have surfaced today which has claimed US network provider Verizon Wireless has begun clearing its stocks of the existing Apple handsets and accessories.

Adding even more fuel to the fire, Verizon has also begun to discount accessories for the old iPhone 4, which is another sign that a new iPhone is coming within the next 2 months.

A usual indicator that a new Apple product is in the pipeline, reduced stock levels have reportedly been joined by a number of discounts and deals on iPhone 4 accessory bundles with retailers.

If the phasing out of existing accessories for the iPhone 4 is true, the suggested that design of the iPhone 5 will be different and therefore would need new accessories – so reducing stocks level would be needed.

We’ve heard rumours which have ranged from no cosmetic changes to the iPhone 5 to a thinner form-factor. The strongest rumour is that the phone will come with minimal changes to the looks of the phone, but will sport a new camera and a relocated of the LED flash meaning that old cases for the iPhone 4 wouldn’t work on the new iPhone 5.

We have heard a number of different rumors on the iPhone 5 over the last few months, we are expecting it to go on sale in September, and from what we have heard previously it will come with the same processor that is available in the iPad 2, the A5 and may also feature an 8 megapixel camera, supplied by Sony which will be capable of recording Full HD video.

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