Windows Tablets Overtake RIM Tabs in the Race of Also-Rans

Just a couple of days back, anesthetist there were rumors about Research in Motion to discontinue its Wi-Fi only PlayBook. The rumor was vehemently denied by the parent company, discount but that did not change the fact that the tablet with dependency issues is not doing well in the market. According to a study done by market research firm Strategy Analytics, RIM tablet is currently at the fourth position in the tablet market, even behind the Windows tablets.

The top two positions have been grabbed by iOS and Android respectively, a factoid so obvious that it does not need to be mentioned. However, during the second quarter of the current year, iPad’s market share has taken quite a plunge. Its market share currently stands at 61.3 percent, far below the loftier heights of 90+percent market share. Android has consolidated its second place in the market with 30.1 percent share. However, the most surprising is the fact that Windows tablets have 4.6 percent market share under their belts, leaving RIM’s PlayBook with 3.3 percent share.

During the second quarter of the year, Apple shipped 9.3 million tablets, up from 3.3 million tablets a year earlier. Similarly, Android tablet shipments also increased from 0.1 million units to 4.6 million. Windows shipped 0.7 million tablets, up from nil units, whereas RIM shipped 0.5 million. However, RIM should not lose heart, as it is almost neck and neck with Windows Tablet and we are pretty sure it outsold Windows tablets taken individually.

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