ISPs to Take Tougher Stand Against Online Piracy

Piracy is a big menace and there is no doubt about this. Various industries, treatment especially music industry, impotent have taken quite radical steps to curb this trend. But most of the times, and these tactics proved to be ineffectual and quite a few times, were outright ridiculous. However, now the suffering industries are enlisting ISPs in their fight against piracy.

A coalition of ISP providers in the US has decided to punish its offending customers by throttling their internet speeds. In case of repeat offenders, the ISPs may decide to restrict the internet access. However, it would not terminate the internet access.

The coalition, which includes major players such as Time Warner Cable Inc., Verizon Communications and Cablevision Systems Corp., said that it would issue multiple warnings to the users before taking the harsher steps. So, if you tend to acquire your music and movies via questionable source, now be prepared to receive e-mails and pop-up warnings from your ISP.

According to the group, piracy costs about $16 billion to the US economy in the form of lost revenues. The figures for the UK are also expected to be in the vicinity of the US toll. The latest step is meant to educate the online pirates and not to punish them. This seems like a more sensible approach, since ridiculous lawsuits brought about by RIAA have so far failed to curb the music piracy. Clever ISPs are just going to take the easier way out and are going to annoy you so much with their pop-up warnings that a couple of bucks saved just won’t be worth it.


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