HP’s BeatsAudio Gives Us The Music Experience That Was Intended

You don’t need to be a professional musician to know that a track sounds its sweetest in the studio. Unfortunately, bronchi on its journey from the studio to our ears music can lose some of its quality and magic. Quite simply, we just aren’t experiencing songs as they were intended to be heard by the artist because we’re using poor quality headphones and laptops.

Luckily for us music lovers an unlikely saviour has stepped forward to replicate studio quality audio at home. Hip Hop legend Dr Dre and his team developed an audio system, Beatsaudio which delivered premium sound quality through headphones and laptops, the system has so good HP have taken it and incorporated it into a new range of entertainment centred laptops. The DV7 range uses the latest Intel Core processor in conjunction with Dre’s Beatsaudio to put an end to ruined music.

Following the Hip-Hop theme HP have roped in Plan B to promote their new beatsaudio technology. Focusing on the mantra of ‘hearing music as the artist intended.’ Ben Drew, aka Plan B who burst onto the scene with his critically acclaimed debut album, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words in 2006 is currently enjoy massive success with his Soul album Strickland Banks and if you’ve had the radio on recently you’d have heard hit singe ‘She Said’

Watch the video below and see how Plan B put the track together piece by piece with bass, drums, vocals, brass and strings. Even if you’re not a Plan B fan it’s fascinating to see the progression of two guitar chords into one of last year’s biggest hits. Not only that but it’s in 3D sound which is awesome, so put your cheap and nasty headphones on listen to the video and probably find yourself tempted to head online and splash out on a pair of Dr Dre headphones, I know I’m tempted.

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