iOS and Android Still Beat Windows on Security Front

Year 2011 had been pretty tough for Android and iOS so far. Both the platforms attracted plenty of attention, generic viagra well, decease the wrong type of attention as they had to endure malware and virus attacks. Though, both the operating systems managed to escape relatively unscathed but it did raise the questions about their security. However, as a nod of approval, both the operating systems have been declared safer that Microsoft’s Windows.

In a report issued by Symantec, iOS has been crowned as the most secure operating system. The main factor behind the stellar performance is that Apple screens its apps for security threats, which leads to lesser incidents of security malfunctioning.

Android, on the other hand, has a comparatively lax screening process for its apps and its effects considerably reduce the robustness of the OS. Another problem faced by Android is the device fragmentation, which is a natural byproduct of the open nature of the operating system. This also means that a large number of devices are not running the updated version of the operating system and hence, are not fully protected against threats.

Recent attacks on Android and iOS have also raised question whether these operating systems are inherently more secure or do they just lack the critical user base to make them attractive enough target for hackers. It may well be the combination of both the factors. But as the report indicates, Apple does retain proper control over its platform, thereby making it much more secure than Windows. Microsoft can probably learn a lesson or two from Apple.


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