Microsoft to unveil new Xbox at E3 2012

Last month it was reported the Crytek was making a launch title for the yet to be announced Xbox 720. The story was quickly killed by Crytek and Microsoft who both insisted they were not even thinking about the next console.

The big M even went a step further this week as a high-ranking Microsoft exec says the Xbox 360 is only about “halfway through” its already respectable life cycle.

“We see it as about [only] halfway through [its life cycle]. But yes, you are right, Xbox is defying the normal curve you might expect. There’s no doubt that Kinect put a huge shot of adrenaline into the business,” Lewis told MCV.

Lewis added that although Microsoft had focused its initial Kinect efforts on family-oriented titles, Redmond was now moving to provide a “complimentary” experience for serious core gamers.

Today’s latest rumour seems to suggest otherwise as BGR are reporting that they have spoken to someone in the know at Microsoft’s gaming division who insists that they will unveil the new console at next years E3 and the console has been in development since 2006.

Apparently the source is not familiar with Microsoft’s launch plans but reckons that they will show the console of at the trade show.

Microsoft has sold nearly 54.4 million consoles since the console’s introduction in November 2005. The videogame system is currently number 9 in the all-time top selling consoles – just behind Nintendo’s NES and Sony’s Playstation 3.

If Microsoft don’t decide to crack onto the next generation they will need come up with something to keep the gaming community interested with 3D being a possibility.

Well, Xbox senior product manager David Dennis told Eurogamer that Microsoft is still weighing up whether it’s something consumers really crave.

“There was a big rush by some other folks in the industry to convince people they want to play in 3D. You can question the motivations of why they want to make everyone go buy a new TV perhaps, but I think 3D has to fit in a natural way where it fits with the gameplay.

“Something we’re watching and wanting to understand from consumers is whether this is something they actually want.

“Does it add to the gaming experience? Does it distract from the gaming experience? Is it something they want to play long-term? Or is it something they try a few times and then go back to regular 2D modes?”

What do you think is it time for a new Xbox? Is 7 years long enough for a console? Even one as successful as the Xbox 360. Let us know below.


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