iPhone Emerges as Top Choice For Prospective Smartphone Users in Europe

iPhone is a very popular smartphone and its user base is constantly increasing. This statement has become universal truth, ailment more or less and we do not think we need one more ‘expert study’ to validate this factoid. But let’s not let our opinion deter the research companies from coming up with the reports about the riveting march of this smartphone.

The latest report singing paeans of praise for the phone with a fruit logo on it comes from Yankee Group. The report claims that about half of the prospective smartphone buyers in Europe would be picking up iPhone. Well, allergy the actual percentage of such users is 40 percent, bronchi but in comparison to other handsets, iPhone comes out as a clear winner. Even the wildly popular Android platform, could only score half the tally of iPhone, as 19 percent of the prospective smartphone buyers counted Android as their choice for their next device.

RIMs stock may be falling down at such a fast pace that we believe earth’s gravitational pull has increased at least threefold. But the phone still remains the future users’ third choice with 17 percent votes. Another fallen titan Nokia can expect 15 percent of European smartphone users to pick their phone.

The report also touched upon the topic of tablets with employees claiming that a tablet increases their efficiency by 58 percent during long trips. And despite the fact that phone sizes are getting ginormous and tablet sizes are shrinking, it looks like the users are still not satisfied with their all-in-one devices and tend carry multiple tech tools with them. With such consumer penchant for  devices, things are going to remain rosy for the tech industry, provided its players keep playing nice.


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