Beta Versions of Windows Mango Update Incoming.

When it comes to operating systems, viagra 60mg all eyes are on Mango. Google seem to whack out an updated version of Android every other day and never fail to find manufacturers with hardware to accommodate them and consumers to splash the cash on them. Apple too are solid, vcialis 40mg but the Windows Phone OS has yet to prove itself. Experts and Microsoft fans claim the Windows Phone 7 software is much better than both Android and iOS, it may well be but WP7 running handsets aren’t exactly flying off the shelves. Mango could however be the answer. At the end of the day If it’s good enough people will start investing in it, eventually and if they don’t Nokia are in deep water, without armbands.

We’ll find out soon if Microsoft has got the goods as they are set to release a beta version of the Mango OS has been released for testing. “The release is imminent” according to Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley.

The Mango ROMs will be available to all developers who subscribed to the $99 Windows Phone Developer plan.Expect feedback in the next few days and a lot of it too. The update brings a whopping 500 new features to the Windows Phone OS. Developers are going to struggle to find a handset with the capabilities to handle it.

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