Microsoft To Launch Windows Kinect SDK Today

For all of you bedroom developers out there you’ll be glad to know that Microsoft is planning to release the software development kit for the Kinect sensor, erectile for all Windows users, bronchi at press conference today.

The popular Xbox 360 controllerless controller has been a massive success story for home developers and professions alike as it has spawned a myriad of third-party hacks for the PC and even Macs.

Within weeks of the device’s release, sickness YouTube was filled with videos of Kinect hacks including everything from Robots to music videos. Some notable examples of Kinect uses came from some of the top Universities in the world.

A group from UC Berkeley strapped a Kinect to a quadrotor—a small helicopter with four propellers—enabling it to fly autonomously around a room. A couple of students at the University of Bundeswehr Munich attached a Kinect to a robotic car and sent it through an obstacle course. And a team from the University of Warwick in the UK built a robot that had the potential to navigate around post-earthquake rubble and search for trapped victims.

Well it’s time for this creative enterprise to go official, and many are expecting the SDK, and what comes after it, to be a gamer changer for the PC entertainment. It’s certainly going to make powerpoint presentations a whole different kettle of fish.

The Big M first hinted that it would launch the Kinect toolkit a few months ago, suggesting a Spring release, but yesterday tech journalists were receiving emails inviting them to a press release where an important announcement would be made by “Microsoft Research” regarding the Kinect Technology.

The announcement will be made on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website, which apparently has timer counting down to the event.

With Microsoft putting a massive emphasis on gestures for its Window 8 operating system the possibilities are endless – a vibrant community looks like it’s going to emerge with the release of the SDK and this is going to be a exciting time for adventurous developers to show the world what can be done with the camera.

With early previews of Windows 8 showing a heavily tablet-centric interface, with swipes and pinches and multi-touch gestures, the implications for Kinect as a PC controller, especially when it comes to media applications, are obvious.



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