Ubisoft Shows Us The Shooter Game Of The Future

With the Kinect there is always the danger that Microsoft will re-walk the well trodden path established by the Wii and use motion gaming as a platform for cartoon sports games and tacky dance software. But Ubisoft could show off the true potential of Kinect with its latest futuristic title, Child of Eden.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi the eccentric game designer who brought Rez and Lumines to the world brings us his latest instalment of wacky neon fun. Sure his previous games were good fun, but they were perhaps a bit too far ahead of their time. With the power of the Xbox console and the freedom of the Kinect however, Eden could be the game of Mizuguchi’s dreams.

The stunning visuals and enchanting music are at the control of your body as you glide through Eden in a fight to save project Lumi (an attempt to reproduce a human personality in Eden) from an unknown virus.

Shooting people with rifles is old skool, with Child of Eden the weapon is you and the enemy is a barrage of destructible objects which burst into music. Pretty cool, no?

Basically, it’s the closest you’ll get to an acid trip without jumping in a time machine and going to hang out with the Beatles circa Yellow Submarine. In an increasingly depressing world, it’s always refreshing to step outside of reality for a little while. We all love the wonderful, ethereal world of Super Mario Galaxy for example, the partnership of Ubisoft and Kinect have taken things a step further and bring you closer to the magic than ever, in another step towards true bodily controlled gaming.

So what do you think? Are you ready to step into the future of the shooter or are you happy with a bit of C.O.D or Battlefield? If you’re undecided check out the website.

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