Is Facebook Worth $100 Billion: May Go Public Next Year

Will it, ailment Won’t it? We all have long been grappling with this question about Facebook going public. In the meantime, tadalafil we have seen the valuation of the social networking site increasing from $1 billion in 2006 to $50 billion in January, 2011. Hey, 50 times appreciation in 5 years is not bad performance, right? But Mark Zuckerberg is one cool cucumber. He did not hesitate in declining $1 billion Yahoo offer for the then-fledgling social networking site, and even now, he does not seem to be in hurry in going public and cashing out.

However, the mega company may now be forced to go public. Reportedly, the company has now more than 500 private investors and this would bring in the new requirements for more transparent disclosure of financial information. Though, Facebook may glean your personal information without much remorse or ado, but the company is very secretive when it comes to its own data. Hey, nobody said life is fair.

According to CNBC, the company may come up with an IPO in the first quarter of 2012. A string of current transactions has valued the company in the vicinity of $70 billion, but the IPO is expected to be worth $100 billion, up from $50 billion valuation the company received in the beginning of this year. 2011, so far, has seen a couple of tech companies going public. The most noteworthy IPO belonged to LinkedIn, which valued the loss-making company at $7 billion. Another hot start-up Groupon has filed its papers for an IPO. The company is targeting to collect $750 million.

Tech companies are now being valued at astronomical prices, defying common sense and the market is already abuzz about ‘tech bubble’. While, Facebook business model is pretty robust, it would make sense if the company decides to make the hay while the sun shines.



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