iOS 5: Top 5 New Features Including Notifications and PC Free Syncing

WWDC, treat the event of the year, cialis is underway in San Francisco and Apple did not disappoint. The highlights of the first day included the launch of iCloud. You can read more about it here. Another big news was the introduction of iOS 5, erectile | which is pretty much going to change the way the you sync your Apple device. The new update is capable of wireless update and features better and more polished notification center. The good thing is that Apple managed to squeeze in most of the rumored features in this update.


The very first feature announced by Apple was the new notification system. Apple finally managed to get rid of that annoying notification system which used to interrupt whatever work you would be doing on your iDevice. The new system incorporates a Notification Center, very much on the lines of the one found on Android devices, which will consolidate various notifications regarding missed calls, messages, app updates and other stuff. For accessing this center, you merely need to swipe your finger down the screen.

PC Free Syncing

Now, you can finally lose that white USB cord as the new update allows for OTA software updates. This has become possible with the introduction of iCloud, which will make your PC redundant, when it comes to syncing or updating your iDevice. Further, the updates will now be shorter, thanks to the fact that they will only incorporate the changes. Now, you can also perform various functions wirelessly like editing your calendars or managing emails.


As if Apple already has not caused enough damage to BlackBerry, it has gone one step ahead and has hammered one more nail in RIM’s coffin. Apple has launched its new messaging service, iMessages, which is very much inspired by BB Messenger. The service is exclusive to iOS devices only. The messages will travel over Wi-Fi and 3G and will be encrypted to ensure security. iMessages is likely to be one of the more controversial features of the new update. Apart from annoying RIM, it is also likely to upset a few of Apple’s telecom partners. The new feature is likely to eat into telecom companies’ earnings from SMS plans.

Safari Reader

Safari Reader has undergone some spring cleaning and is now more streamlined and structured than ever. This is particularly handy for people who use iOS on smaller screen device like iPhone or iPod. It brings tabbed browsing so the internet surfing experience has just got a whole lot better. It incorporates Reading List, which basically lines up all the websites you might want to browse at some other time.

One More Thing

Well, actually, a couple of more things! iOS 5 has also brought about Twitter integration which will let you directly tweet from your feed. Apple has also turned its Reminders location sensitive, whereas you can also look forward to better Mail features. Last, but not least, the update has also improved Camera functionality by providing a short-cut and automatically adjusting the exposure.

So, this is our list of Top 5 new features of iOS 5. Let us know which ones did you like most.


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