Windows 8 to Hit the Markets in 2012?

Microsoft may be a laggard company but it is doing its best not to get lost in the darkness of oblivion. Though, unhealthy the company is hush hush about its tablet plans but it is working on boosting its mobile operating system. At the very same time, Microsoft is also overhauling its desktop operating system. The next iteration of its operating system, Windows 8 is now likely to be introduced some time in 2012.

If we can take the words at their face value, then Windows 8 is expected to be a touch-friendly operating system, unlike its predecessors which were mainly designed for mouse and click computers. Speaking at a developer forum, the company CEO Steve Ballmer said, “As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8. Windows 8 slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors.” It is arguably the first time, the word ‘Windows 8’ has been used officially. Though, it did not take Microsoft a long time to come out with a statement clarifying that the operating system has not been formally named yet.

Ballmer further revealed that Windows 8 will have a whole new user interface and will sport new speech and touch capabilities. It is also likely to have handwriting recognition capability. So, let’s give some credit to Microsoft for nice conceptualization, but we got to wait some time to see how much of this vision actually gets translated into real life implementation. Some farfetched claims are also suggesting that the OS may have 3D capabilities as well.

Ballmer also provided details about WP7 update ‘Mango’ which is expected to bring whopping 500 new features to the mobile operating system. Also Windows 8 or whatever its official name would be, will come in four different versions or ‘flavors’. Well, we hope at least one of them would work for us.



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