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Android mobile Operating System currently commands roughly 30 percent market share, viagra which means that every one smartphone out of the three is based on this platform. To a certain extent, health the platform’s popularity is due to its well-diversified app store. Out of all the apps available, GPS or satellite based navigation system app category has proved to be one of the most popular categories. Though, there is a wide range of Sat Nav apps available sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one. So, here is our quick guide to the most versatile and popular Sat Nav apps available in the Android app market:

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps have indeed proven their worth and their free Sat Nav is equally good. Launched late last year, this app features Google Maps with Sat Nav capabilities. The app gets regular updates so you can rest assured that you have top of the line information in your hands. You can navigate your way around using address, postcode or company name query. It also features Voice search function, which is a great help when your hands are busy elsewhere, and in any such situation, you would also appreciate its voice navigation feature. In brief, coming from the House of Google, this app is all set to fulfill all your basic requirements in one smart package.


This Sat Nav app is based on Open Street Maps, which is like Wikipedia of maps, where users generate the data. It is an offline app which stores all the data on the local memory of your phone. Among the positive attributes of the app are its simple and intuitive user interface and two different modes for you to choose from. You can use the app in ‘standard’ mode where you can browse the map and then there is ‘cruise’ mode which gives you the directions in 2D or 3D mode. You can get this app for mere £4.99, however, be forewarned that the app is very basic in nature and does not offer advanced features such as speed cameras and traffic information.

Copilot Live 8

At £26.99, Copilot Live 8 is one of the more expensive Sat Nav apps, though it does feature some advanced capabilities. Like NavDroyd, this app also stores the maps on the SD card of your mobile phone and thus can work offline. Apart from its cool interface, the app also brings you the treasure of information including traffic updates, weather information and petrol prices. While the app has everything that you would ever want in a Sat Nav program, it tends to be a bit too big and thus provides considerably slow service. So, before you opt for this app, make sure your phone is powerful enough to handle this program.


If you are willing to shell out any money for Sat Nav system, then it does not mean that you are stuck with Google Navigation. There are plenty of options around which offers you these services for free. AndNav 2 is one of them which uses advertisement revenue for keeping the service free for you. AndNav 2 is an online service and you would need an internet connection for determining your route. While the program is free and offers good basic service, there are certain drawbacks as well. First off, the route calculation is not very reliable. You may also face service outage problem every now and then. But since the app is downloadable for free, you can always give it a whirl without damaging your pocketbook.


While there are plenty of free Sat Nav apps available in the Android market place, but if you are looking for superlative performance, then it pays to splash out some cash for getting the best of the apps. NDrive at 39.99 Euros is one such app. You may have to pay some serious money upfront, but the app’s features make it worthwhile. Since the app itself is not very bulky, it does not slow down your mobile. It features very intuitive user interface and offers fast delivery. You can rest assured that the app would work fine whether you have a low end Android smartphone or the latest power machine. At times, the app may take a long time to load, but it offers tons of extra features such as speed camera information.

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