Google Take Over The World Part I: Google And Ford Motors

It seems that Google’s plans for world domination are in full swing. After their transition from the web to the real world via Android OS, drugs the web giants are now pushing themselves as the industry of the future. If the flying car and clap responsive light-bulbs are ever coming they’re coming from Google.  Our everyday lives are being increasingly digitalised and soon everything’s going to need software to run.

Google launched Prediction API from the Google Labs last year. The system is designed to give an application information about a user’s past actions so that it can predict future behaviour, cialis and iconic car manufactures Ford want in. API will be built into future Ford vehicles in order to track a users individual driving style. Information on a driver’s preferences behaviour could be stored in a profile in the cloud and accessed later.

It means that the program will predict the destination of the current trip based on the cars recent ‘driving history.’ Where the technology truly shines is its energy saving capabilities. Once the ‘predicated’ trip is confirmed by the driver the system will plot out the most efficient route and not only that but it will indicate when the car should be petrol powered and when it should switch to battery.

It all may seem a bit alarming but Ford assures us the aim is not to control or change driving behaviour or force cars to stick to the speed limit but instead, look they’ve brought Google in so that they can allow their vehicles to save energy by adapting to a driver’s behaviour.

This is probably just the start too. Don’t be surprised if we see Android tablets being built into cars. Think about it. Digital, petrol/speedometer, GPS, entertainment, window/air condition control all on one panel, and Angry Birds when you’re stuck in traffic!


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