The Hype Machine Finally Launches iPhone App

Music blogs have become big business in the music world – they are now the tastemakers that was once the preserve of AR people at labels, part of this revolution has been down to an amazing website the Hype Machine.

The world’s most popular Mp3 aggregator is The Hype Machine and they have finally launched the long awaited iPhone app.

If your not familiar with Hype Machine, here’s a little catch up, set up by Anthony Volodkin in 2005 – he’s done what Google did for searches, for Mp3 blogs. He was even awarded 30 internet visionaries under 30 to watch out for by Time Magazine.

Blogs are chosen to be listed on the website by their team of astute music editors , and then when a music blogger posts a track it ends up on the Hype Machine.

Here’s when it gets interesting, when you listen to a track you can click the heart button, this will then post the track to your twitter account, over the week the hearts are added together and this is how the site generates it ever-popular taste making charts.

Nowadays if an artist gets a number 1 on the Hype Machine this is like getting a number 1 in the real charts, sure they don’t get any money from the listing, but it does mean the world and the blogosphere is listening to that track more than any other in the world.

And therefore bookings and records deals are surely only a matter of time, it’s essentially listing future artists and tracks that will becoming house-hold names over the next 6-12 months. Hence the name the Hype Machine.

The new app promises to take your favourite music blogs and turns them into radio stations that you can listen to over 3g and Wi-Fi. And better still the site made the leap to HTML 5 – which means you can use the site on tablets and phones. And as a sleek app from today.

If you like the track your listening to, you might want read the accompanying blog post to find out more about the artists and other artists that have been featured by that music blog –  if the track is available on iTunes you can buy the track at the click of  a button.

The music is grouped into stations, including Latest, Popular and genre-based stations. Blogs can also be browsed by genre or alphabetically, and there are personalised stations including My Mix – which serves up recommendations based on favourite blogs and Hype Machine usage – and My Friends, which is the music liked by a user’s friends.

“This is The Hype Machine evolved into a lean back, non-stop rich radio experience. There is no artist or song search or on-demand playback, but you won’t miss a thing,” promises the App Store listing.

The Hype Machine has revolutionise the way people discover new music and if you haven’t tried it you are missing out on one of the best website around. We recommend that you check it and start using the app – as there’s a wealth of amazing music, great writers and it’s free once you bought the app for a very reasonable $2.99 or £1.79.

Available on iTunes now.

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