Xbox 360’s Spring Dashboard Update Leaked

Microsoft’s plans for their annual dashboard update has been leaked online today and it includes something that will make Sony Playstation 3 users weep.

Microsoft has announced that the new update will include Pay Pal support for micro transactions, asthma just imagine if Sony had done this then Anonymous couldn’t have compromised 75 million users personal details and bank accounts.

Pay Pal as you may already know is the de facto way to you store you credit or debit card information for quick and simple online purchases – and would see the information stored on their bullet proof servers rather than Sony’s open door servers.

Other inclusions in the update with the compatibility for new Xbox DVD’s which will add an extra GB of data – and these discs with be used in games from Spring 2011.

The discs will have more copyright protection too – Microsoft are obviously concerned with piracy still.

The update will be rolled out in 6 staggered waves, starting on the aforementioned May 19th, and will continue until May 30th “to ensure a high quality deployment.”

Curiously, the touted new quasi video-chat service Avatar Kinect won’t be included with the update, but will be available as a separate download listed for a May 27th release.

The paypal support and Avatar Kinect video room and Pay pal are going to be the only front facing changes in this spring update.

But with E3 just around the corner we’d imagine Microsoft will have few more change to come after the May update, quite what these will be were not sure, but top of our list would be more Video content like iPlayer and of course Spotify.


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