Climate Change Will Disrupt Wi-Fi According to Environmental Secretary

Here’s a list of things that Climate Change causes harm too.

Polar bears
The O-Zone
The Ice Caps


That’s right, the internet could be the latest victim of our envrionemental neglect. According to research wireless internet could be hit by by disruption due to climate change. Roads, railways, power and water supplies are also said to be at a moderate to serious risk. To tell the truth, unfortuantely, not enough of us care enough about the enivornment. Maybe it’s hard to connect with a slab of ice or a rare animal you’ve never seen/never will see but the internet is a global tool shared by the entire world and the threat posed by Climate Change may at last force people to take notice.

UK Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said higher temperatures and rainstorms could disrupt wi-fi communications. She also said that wetter winters and drier summers might lead to increased subsidence, damaging underground cables and masts.”If climate change threatens the quality of your signal, or you can’t get it because of extreme fluctuations in temperature, then you will be disadvantaged, which is why we must address the issue” she said

Of course the doom-mongering worst scenario card was played-

“And just imagine in the height of an emergency if the communications system is down or adversely affected.” She’s right though. I said the same thing about GPS systems a while ago.

Her comments come as a report published today outlines how planning and design of new infrastructure needs to take into account the impact of climate change – especially as many projects will still be in place in 50 to 100 years time. It seems we’ve moved on from preventation to damage limitation which is worrying. But if we really cannot reverse climate change then damage limitaton is better than sitting back and letting the weather pull the world apart. When your internet goes down you’ll wish you used less plastic bags!

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