Hackers Resurrect Custom OS on PS3

Hackers just don’t when to leave it alone – they have announced today that they have released a custom firmware allowing hacked PS3’s to install Linux and other homebrew software’s.

The war with hackers had begun in March 2010 when Sony removed the ability to install Linux, which really annoyed the hacker community.

The Japanese company felt is was well within its rights to remove the functionality and the hackers obviously thought that this was wholly unfair

The firmware update forced users to choose between the abilty to play the latest online games and installing Linux.

Since then Sony has been beseiged by hackers and online acivists keen to show Sony that they might not be as rich, but they are a lot cleverer than and this has been shown to great effect as the brought the whole PSN down.

The hack involves some complex work, but experienced users will be able to reinstate Linux using a combination of custom firmware called OtherOS++. Apparently is goes way beyond the abilities of the Sony-sanctioned orginal to allow full access to the PS3’s hardware.

The hacking team behind the publication described the ability to reinstate Install OtherOS as “One small steps for devs, one giant kick in the nuts for Sony Corp,”

Sony have yet to make a statement, but would be advised to keep quiet for the fear of stoking the flames of an already troubling situation – the best thing is let them have this small victory and don’t antagonise the hackers any further.

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2 Responses to “Hackers Resurrect Custom OS on PS3”

  1. Nitpicker Bob says:

    so… who advised sony to keep quiet for fear of antagonising hackers? is it you, little man, advising this giant corporation on how best to increase their profits? after all, that is all they are interested in. do you have some evidence to back up your claim that this is the best thing for them to do?

  2. Andrew says:

    Well, actually I do,http://www.gaj-it.com/33558/rumour-sony-to-be-attacked-this-weekend/ there is some evidence to say that the hackers are going to attack again on the weekend. So yeah maybe they should just let it lie.

    I’m not condoning what they have done, but let’s face it Sony are in way over the head with regards to technical knowledge of the situation, the dudes were walking around their system without them even knowing for ages, if it was Microsoft then they’d no what to do, they had to get third parties to come and help them, and still have no idea who did it.

    Read the letter from the Hotz http://www.gaj-it.com/33348/original-psn-hacker-george-hotz-denies-any-involvement-in-current-downtime/ – no previous hack has led to people’s details being stolen ever to my knowledge, they do it as a technical exercise, but when Sony got heavy handed they paid the price.

    And what a price ! They’ll have lost far more money from the downtime than all the piracy on the PS3 to date – which is minor, downloading a copied PS3 game can take a whole week, it just not like the piracy of PS1 and PS2 – so was it a good idea to crack out the lawyers – clearly not.

    If they let these internet trolls in their basements fiddle around then all would have have been alright. Let’s not forget Sony was the one that took away the Linux functionality – thats the starting point of the whole episode, hotz did the hack so he could re-instate Linux and the whole thing snow-balled from there. They started it, now they’re are paying the price.

    I await your retort :)


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