Android Feels Verizon iPhone Heat but Apple Still Cut the Phone Orders in Half

There is no doubt about the success of Verizon iPhone, doctor however there is no consensus whether the CDMA phone reached dizzying heights of triumph which most of the Apple products reach! Either way, with the launch of this phone, Apple has managed to accomplish something different but equally good. According to a study conducted by NPD, for the first item two years, Android lost its US smartphone sales market share. While Apple now commands 28 percent market share, up 9 points, Android share declined 3 points to reach 50 percent share. Though, it still holds the top position.

Recently, a Nielsen report claimed that most people claim Android to be the most preferred OS when they buy their new phone, still Android need to girdle up for facing even stiffer competition from iOS.

But all is not hunky dory for Apple either. Verizon iPhone did very well in the beginning but it seems like the demand is ebbing now.  There are rumors that the Cupertino company has slashed its production of the CDMA phone in half for the remainder of the year. Apple’s assembler Pegatron was expected to get an order of about 10 million phones but now seems like the company would be getting an order of around 5 million only.

Verizon iPhone is not showing the brisk sale. In quite a few Verizon stores, HTC Thunderbolt outsold the iPhone. However, it does not mean that the CDMA crowd is not interested in iPhone or iOS. There can be several other reasons behind it. People just might be holding off till the launch of eagerly awaited white iPhone. Now, that the non-color iPhone is already out, let’s wait a couple of days to see how it fares. Second reason may be related to the timing of Verizon phone launch. iPhone 4 was already midway through its lifecycle when it got the CDMA makeover, So we suppose that many a people chose to wait instead of buying a phone which will soon be rendered obsolete. However, since then Apple has moved up the rumored launch date for its iPhone 5.


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