Microsoft Sets Probable Record with Windows 7: Still Under the Shadow of Windows XP

Microsoft is kind of forming a pattern here. The company comes up with a smashing update for its Windows operating system and follows it with the crappiest version imaginable, erectile the cycle continues. While Microsoft delivered the goods with Window XP, the next version Vista fell flat. However, the company redeemed itself with Windows 7. The operating system has sold more 350 million copies since its release 18 months ago. Arguably, Windows 7 has set a record for being the fastest selling operating system.

While, Microsoft is gloating over the success, and we know how desperately this company needs this success to remain relevant, it cannot be denied that Windows 7 is still overshadowed by its grand-predecessor Window XP. According to a survey conducting recently, Windows 7 is notching up market share, which currently stands at 24.17 percent. However, Windows XP still has the lion’s share with 54.39 percent piece of the market pie.

The big question which remains to be answered is related to the unwillingness of the retail users to upgrade their operating systems. Though good for Microsoft, the corporate users are not stuck in the rut and almost 90 percent of business users are on their way to switch to Windows 7. Microsoft is doing its best to get the retail consumers to migrate to Windows 7. For instance, Microsoft refused to provide Internet Explorer 9 to its XP users. In short, Microsoft is employing all the imaginable tricks to get the XP out of its way.

It is yet to be seen whether Windows 7 will be able to achieve the heights scaled by Windows XP. Going by the current pace, Windows 7 may need another 18 to 24 months for achieving the target, however, it has a brief window ahead as Microsoft is allegedly already working on Windows 8. The new operating system is likely to be more touch-friendly and would be designed keeping in mind the growing popularity of tablets. Though, combining a point and click operating system with touch-friendly OS seems like a tall task, but we are going to keep our fingers crossed. After all, there can be only so many Android tablets, and as an end consumer, we certainly would like to see more tablet OS options in the market.


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