Motorola Atrix Goes Orange in the UK

Mobile segment is indeed a buzzing one and looks like that smartphones are getting edged out by Superphones. The latest entrant Motorola Atrix certainly belongs to the latter category and is about to make its UK debut. The phone with the moniker ‘the world’s most powerful smartphone’ is coming to mobile carrier Orange UK and will be available some time in May. No definite launch has been revealed yet.

The main USP of this phone is its dockability, doctor where you can plug your phone to the dock and then use it with your laptop or desktop. Since, medstore the phone has already been bestowed with quite a few awards, we are going to assume that it will be able to deliver the goods. Atrix is powered by two 1 GHz Tegra 2 processors and 1 GB worth of RAM. The phone is likely to come with FroYo version, which puts a dampener on our enthusiasm. We would have expected ‘the world’s most powerful smartphone’ to come with minimum Gingerbread OS.

If we look at the accessories which you need to use the phone to its full potential, then you realize that Motorola is aiming to position the device as communication/entertainment rather than a mere phone. Orange will offer Atrix Work and Play Kit at the discounted price of £49.99. The kit includes mouse, keyboard and remote control. The kit will also include HD Multimedia Dock, which contains HDMI port and three USB ports. The existing Orange customer can get this £129.99 kit for free. Motorola has also layered FroYo with its “webtop” app which will allow Adobe Flash and full Mozilla Firefox browser to be used.

Orange will offer the phone for free with £35 per month 24-months long contract. The contract will give you 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 750 MB data usage and unlimited Wi-Fi. There are other plans available too. Orange will also offer Motorola Lapdock, the accessory which makes the phone really unique. Compared to the other phones, Atrix definitely looks reasonably priced. After Xoom debacle, Motorola needs this phone to be successful in order to remain relevant. The phone is already up for pre-orders.


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