The Nintendo 3DS Flops at Launch? We Take A look At Why

Many people (I’ll hold me hands up here) including me, hyped up the 3DS big-style but early reports indicate that the Nintendo 3DS may have suffered a rather underwhelming reception over the weekend. No matter how poorly it is received in the UK market, it’s still an exciting piece of kit at a very reasonable price. I mean what more can you want then 3D gaming? It’s a little too earlier to start making assumptions so let’s not dwell too much on unconfirmed early figures. If I had the money I’d have one in the blink of an eye.

The problem with weighing up the success of Nintendo’s latest product is that sales figures for European hardware are never released (unless of course Nintendo themselves release the figures. The problem here being they won’t do that unless it’s a roaring success.) What tech bloggers are doing instead is keeping an eye on the games charts. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D edition managed a poor 6th place on the individual formats chart and this was the best selling game of the 3DS. Pilotwings Resort which only managed to came in at number 8. To put this into perspective it (pilotwings) was beaten by Pokemon White on the 2DS.
Like I said, it would be foolish to put too much thought into launch weekend software figures but let’s imagine that they are correct. Let’s say we’ve reached June/July and Nintendo officially announce that the 3DS was a flop. We would all ask why?

Terrible timing- The iPad 2 was always going to be what people really had their eyes own. If we’re being completely honest the 3DS is a toy. The iPad is a revolution. And what’s more is that the 3DS is the type of device that would fly off the shelves at say, Christmas! Who has the money in March of all months to buy a new console? Even summer would have been a better choice then you’d at least get some holidaymakers buying it for the planes and beaches and kids.

Built in apps– There’s a whole host of wacky applications built into the 3DS (a 3D camera, augmented reality, sharing tools etc.)Maybe these and one game is enough to hold attention for a few weeks. Maybe you don’t need to buy  a huge stack of games to enjoy it.

Price- Just because the hardware is cheap doesn’t mean people want to shell out a fortune on games.

Or maybe the release games were just rubbish.


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7 Responses to “The Nintendo 3DS Flops at Launch? We Take A look At Why”

  1. Andrew Rafter says:

    How can they get number one spot in the game charts if their are only 200,000 on launch day ? It sold out so there for it was a success, hardly a flop.

  2. Blade says:

    I’m really confused by this article? I’ve read a couple of articles stating that the 3DS has been the most successful console launch EVER for Nintendo. Apparently it’s sold like hot cakes in the US and the UK had record numbers of pre-orders.

    This is the first article I’ve read suggesting anything but complete success for the 3DS?

    If it turns out that it has under-achieved at launch I can’t see it lasting long. Once Zelda and Mario are released I think a lot of people will be tempted by it.

    I’m still holding off for the time being. I’m hoping they’ll be some good bundle deals in the coming weeks. Maybe a 3DS console and Pilot Wings or PES 2011 3DS for under £200? That would definitely tempt me to part with my cash!

  3. Jonny says:

    No one’s saying the hardware hasn’t sold well. We’ve all seen the pre-order figures. But at the end of the day it’s a game console. Selling a bucket load of 3DS consoles is not enough. Now that it’s out, it’s down to the games and I’m just looking at the bigger picture and software sales figures were poor at launch.

  4. Blade says:

    I see what you mean about the games not selling well. I still think calling it a ‘flop’ is a bit harsh.

    The games are def over-priced at £35 RRP and I have to admit the launch titles haven’t been great. No Mario or Zelda and no Internet browser or Online store till May seems a big oversight!

    Think we’ll see the true potential of the 3DS in the coming months though. And I think it could be on a lot of people’s Xmas lists come December!

  5. Fabledtiel says:

    Hi there i got a 3DS at launch and i love it i parted ways with my wii to get it, and to be honest the software launch titles were not that great, perhaps Street Fighter 4 but i agree with Blade once Zelda and Mario titles come out also Final Fantasy.

  6. selfsilent says:

    The reason for massive preorders but poor sales was that everyone was expecting it to fly out so people who wanted one did a preorder at a load of different stores.
    Unfortunately, they only wanted 1 of the 10 they put their name down for.

  7. johney says:

    i can imagine that the 3ds is,nt a succes as nintendo was hoping for,becouse of the following reasons.
    1 it was released way to early,becouse there were no other competitors with their 3d handheld gaming system.
    2 it lacked alot of launch titles like supermario 3d land and mariokart7.
    3 no internet application at launch day.
    4 the dsi still sold well so there was really no any reason to hurry up.
    5 many peoples liike me found stereoscopic 3d very annoying becouse everything will look double,so they will turn 3d off.
    6 the dsi costed $170 dollars wich was a reasonable price concidering it,s new firmwire software system,new added feutures and enhanced hardware porfomances over the ds,lite.
    the 3ds costed $ 250 dollars that,s $80 dollars over the price of the dsi,despites the upgraded hardware & software and stereoscopic 3d etc,,, it does,nt do justice unless you,re an die hard nintendo fan.
    7 since the release of the iphone 4 & ipad2 and other smartphones,needless to say but despites all hardware upgrades,but in comparision the technology of the 3ds is allready far far exceeded by smartphones and even the psp.
    8 the 3ds looks not that stylish & sexy like the ds,lite & dsi and it,s also not that small,another thing that bothers me is that like the 1# nds it has at the inside & outside 2 different colors,why not just simply just 1 of your favorite colors?? do we really want red black,pink black,yellow black or whatever??,well i don,t like it.and i do,nt need it cuzz i can,t see any 3d!!!!


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