Samsung Launches 9 Series 11.6 inch Laptop: Will it Kill MacBook Air

Earlier this year, order Samsung introduced its 9 series laptop at the CES 2011 and it immediately drew comparisons to MacBook Air. However, search now Samsung has provided detailed specs and looks like the svelte notebook comes with mere 64GB of on board storage in the form of solid state drive. However, if you portability is your main concern and all you have to store in your laptop are your documents, then this laptop is worth taking a look at.

Samsung 9 Series laptop is 0.64 inch thick, in comparison to Air’s 0.68 inch. So, even if Air looks clunkier in comparison to 9 series, it still has the advantage of bigger storage if you opt for 128 GB version. Although, 9 Series comes with USB 3.0 connectivity and thus you can easily add external storage to augment the internal one. USB3.0 protocol provides faster transfers and hence the external storage will be almost as efficient as the internal one. The laptop also offers Wireless Display feature, which lets you use compatible TV or any other screen to be used as secondary display. Its body is made of durable Duralium metal and thus is strong and lightweight, not to mention that it looks damn good.

Samsung has announced the pricing of the laptop at $1,199, which is $200 higher than comparable MacBook Air. Samsung has claimed the notebook display to be among the brighter screens at 400 nits. Its battery is expected to last 7 to 8 hours. So, if you are looking for your MacBook Air replacement, then you can order one here.


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