2012 Olympics and Technology Wi-Fi and NFC

If you’re not a sports fan this is still plenty of reasons to get excited about the Olympics. New stadiums, the latest technology, new swimming pools etc etc are springing up all over London and England.

Okay, it’s slightly irritating to see money thrown around by the government when we’re facing vicious Thatcher style, huge unemployment and sky-rocketing education fees but if it’s going to be spend anyway we may as well get something from it. (Something more than the chance to see some people running around in circles or throwing cannon-balls and sticks.)

Those who are regular users of the London Underground will be pleased to know that by 2012 (that’s if the world doesn’t end) Transport for London is set to roll out Wi-Fi hotspots to 120 tube stations around London.

Current staff Wi-Fi roll will be made public across 16 stations and then new connections will be established at various tube stations around the capital.

A trial is currently running at Charing Cross underground station, where BT Wi-Fi is available for passengers waiting on platforms.Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the Wi-Fi on trains themselves which is a bit crap. But station Wi-Fi is better than nothing. Other technology brought in for the Olympics includes NFC, contactless/cashless transactions and I.D systems.

What’s your opinion on the Olympics?


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