Sony VS LG: The Case Of The Stolen Consoles.

It seems a favourite hobby of tech companies these days is taking each other to court. The latest two to square off is Sony and LG.

Lawyers from both sides, Sony and LG Electronics are in a Dutch court after LG-requested the seizure of several PS3 consoles by Dutch customs agents.

The trouble started when South Korea’s LG quietly obtained permission from the Breda District Court on Feb. 28 to have the video game consoles seized.

LG convinced the Breda court that it had enough evidence for a summary judgment under Dutch law and if Sony had been warned ahead of time, the Japanese company might have moved the consoles to a different European jurisdiction.

There’s certainly something a bit dodgy going on here. It will all come out in court of course. But here’s a suggestion, instead of sueing each other, maybe they could spend the money on making their products better?

Maybe, although it is entertaining to watch. I mean what on Earth do LG want with some PS3s? Have they got a console in the works? That would be wacky. More likely they are just winding Sony up for some reason.

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