BBC iPlayer For iPad Will Cost International Viewers £6 Per Month

As Apple release their second iPad the good old BBC are muscling in on the action. Using the tablet as a platform for their international services, the Beeb are set to release an iPlayer app for the iPad which will allow users outside of the UK to use the BBC ‘Catch-up TV Service’ AKA iPlayer.

The service will come at a cost though. £6 per month to be exact, which may seem a bit steep but there will be plenty of non-UK BBC lovers out there who won’t think twice about flashing the cash.

Especially when you stretch the costs out over a year. As long as they don’t change their minds on pricing, the app should cost £73.75 per year (well, its equivalent in dollars) which is much less than the current colour TV licence fee of £145.50 that us Brits have to fork out.

However international customers will not get the entire iPlayer content range. The BBC told the telegraph that, “The global iPlayer will not be the BBC’s entire UK services for a year wrapped up in an app. It will be a combination of current and past shows, editorially tailored for different international audience.The licence fee entitles UK households to receive 10 TV channels, 15 national and 40 local radio services, BBC Online, BBC Mobile and BBC iPlayer – all free at the point of use. This access to new, live content via TV, radio and online is clearly very different from the great British programmes that will be available on the global iPlayer.”

Any international BBC viewers out their? Or perhaps you’re heading abroad soon and want to take your favourite TV with you? The question is would you be willing to pay £6 per month?

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5 Responses to “BBC iPlayer For iPad Will Cost International Viewers £6 Per Month”

  1. David says:

    I lived in a foreign speaking country for 2.5 years – and would have given my right arm for something like this!

  2. Denise says:

    This really sucks!!! I already pay for a full UK TV license and now they want more for when I travel. Why???????

  3. Brian Price says:

    Why not charge International viewers the same price as UK licence fee, only give us the Full Monty, “You Know It Makes Sense”, This time next year BBC with be Trillionaries
    Best wishes from Australia

  4. Stu says:

    Just use a VPN…

  5. yet again, bbc ripping us off


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