iPhone Users are the Biggest Culprits for Using their Smartphones on the Toilet

What is the one place in your home which can offer you a sea of peace, calm and tranquillity?  Kitchen…no, bedroom even…not likely.  Whether you would like to admit it or not it has got to be the good old bathroom.

Locking yourself in the bathroom might be sanctuary from the screaming kids or maybe you just want to use the toilet to answer the call of nature.  Whatever the reason is, it can often be a boring place so it is always important to keep ourselves entertained whilst in there.  For example, in the past whilst waiting on the toilet we may have taken a book or magazine to read on the toilet or if you owned an old Nokia handset then playing a few rounds of snakes would have done the trick.

However, it would appear that these bathroom activities are now a thing of the past.  With the dawn of a new era of high tech gadgets as people ditch their snakes playing phone for a smartphone, it has been suggested that as smartphones becomes a part of everyday life, some have even admitted using their smartphones on the toilet.  Bizarre you may think and this is exactly what we thought but we were intrigued by this so we decided to conduct our own survey…

So, as we become a nation of tech fanatics, permanently glued to our phones, is it actually true that all smartphone users take their smartphones into the bathroom or is it just isolated cases?  If this is the notion, then are smartphone users seeing a significant increase in their ‘toilet time’ as a result?  Does this differ amongst iPhone and Android users?  Read on to find out more…

89% of iPhone users admitted that they used their smartphone whilst on the toilet, compared to 67% Android users…

Research suggests that iPhone users are the biggest culprits when using their smartphones on the toilet.  A staggering 89% of iPhone admitted using their smartphone on the toilet, which helps to identify that playing with your smartphone is becoming the norm.

However, iPhone users were not alone in this ‘toilet activity’.  An equal percentage of Android users were also questioned and 67% of these smartphone users also confessed that they would take their trusty gadget and use it whilst on the toilet.

52% of iPhone and 49% Android users admitted spending an additional 20 mins or more using their smartphone on the toilet…

The length of time is was also an interesting revelation.  On average a person will spend up to 5 minutes on the toilet and only maybe on one off occasions may spend a little longer.  So as we have now found out that smartphone users are using their smartphones on the toilets, are we seeing an increase in the time we spend on it?

The results for iPhone and Android users were very similar.  52% of iPhone users stated that they spent an additional 20 mins or more on the toilet whilst using their smartphone.  This was almost parallell with Android users as 49% of them admitted that they spent 20 mins or more on the toilet.  In addition to this 22% of iPhone users and 26% of Android users said that they spent between 10-15 minutes extra on the toilet when using their smartphone.

So as the research suggests that the time on the toilet is increasing as a result of using the smartphone, we began to wonder  what was keeping our smartphone loving toilet hoggers entertained for such as long time?

Games and Internet Browsing are the main smartphone Activities

We gave the smartphone toilet fiends a list of options to choose from ranging from games to internet browsing as well text messages to taking phone calls and the results amongst iPhone and Android users were divided.

A massive 51% of iPhone users used their phones mainly to play games.  Browsing the internet came in at second place with 24% of iPhone users, however what was astonishing was that 1% of iPhone users admitted that they would use it to talk on phone whilst on the loo!

When Android users were asked the same question, the results were fairly equal with browsing the internet (31%) and playing games (33%) offer similar statistics.

So are Smartphones taking over our Lives?

As you can see from the results, as well as taking our smartphones everywhere with us, we are now using them in the confines of the bathroom.  Is this the final step before smartphone become part of our everyday lives or are we there already?

Although this article is meant to be quite light hearted to offer people an insight into smartphone users and their toilet activity it has begun to make us wonder whether our endless hours using our smartphone on the toilet is making us anti-social.  That extra 20 minutes could be spent better by spending time with family or friends. Can we see a future whereby families and friends will not interact face to face?  Instead use their smartphone as an ultimate form of communication.

The survey was done on a selection of smartphone users so are you an Android or iPhone smartphone user who follows the same pattern of the results found in this research?  Or do you disagree with the results?  Do you think Android users use their phone on the toilet as much as iPhone users?  Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below…

Also let’s think about the bigger picture.  Do you think spending excessive and unnecessary amount of time on the toilet is making smartphone users anti-social?  Do you think this type of activity is putting a strain on relationships?  Has this happened to you? Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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