Veebeam: The Solution To Internet Streaming?


With TV it used to be a simple case of the cool kids had Sky and the poor kids had terrestrial or Freeview (if they were lucky.) But things are changing. Internet video streaming is big and getting bigger. It could well be the future, cough in fact it almost certainly will.

Obviously the first major issue is, unless you’re a student you won’t be satisfied with a laptop screen.

Here’s the solution…

Veebeam HD which wirelessly transmits anything you can see on your computer screen onto your TV

No wires.

No clutter.

And it takes only a few minutes to set up.

The HD model streams up to 1080p as well as optical audio output for surround sound.

The Times verdict was “If you want your laptop to multitask harder than ever, then you can’t beat the Veebeam for sleek simplicity and user-friendliness. Internet video is only getting better, so invest now and you might soon recoup your expenses when you find yourself cancelling all your television subscriptions.” And there’s not much more to add to that.

Other than a small warning- You’ll need a decent computer processor to enjoy completely perfect video though – check your system requirements on the Veebeam site. There is a 2 second picture delay, making the Veebeam less useful for surfing the net or gaming on the big screen.

The question is what would you use your Veebeam for? Maybe you could stream the big game? Not being much of a sports fan I must admit my choice would be Hugh Laurie limping around in HD on House, Oh, and let’s be honest, Cuddy in HD…I think so.


Veebeam: Find out more or Buy it now and Stream on your TV

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