After Apple, Samsung Turns Its Back on 7-Inch Tablets

In 2010, erectile we saw Samsung launching yet another iPad-killer tablet in the form of 7-inch Galaxy Tab. However, viagra 40mg fast forward to MWC2011, asthma Samsung is singing entirely different tune. During a briefing at MWC in Barcelona, the Korean company’s executive vice president Dr. WP Hong enlightened us that a 7-inch device could not be considered a tablet. We are getting a déjà vu feeling. Right, now we remember a certain turtleneck wearing gentleman claiming 7-inch tablets to be ‘dead on arrival’.

The company executive further elaborated that Samsung would be launching a portfolio of tablets in 2011. While he refused to divulge any details about the upcoming tablets, he made it very clear that none of them is going to be 7-incher. Interestingly, He claimed that “10.1 inch” is the best size for a tablet. Dr. Hong also alluded that he sees future smartphones getting bigger and bigger display. This sounds wonderful, we just cannot wait to sashay down the road with a 5 inch brick aka smartphone attached to the side of our face. So, what is your view on 7-inch tablets and 5-inch phones?

Source: Pocket-Lint, Image: Samsung

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2 Responses to “After Apple, Samsung Turns Its Back on 7-Inch Tablets”

  1. selfsilent says:

    And again, Apple tell it the way it is, other companies take no notice, try to copy Apple, do a poor job and finally realise Apple was right all along.

    My advice to companies that aren’t Apple is:
    If Apple makes a product that competes with yours, move out of that market and make something else. If someone in your company says you should consider going into competition with Apple, sack them, they’re idiots.

  2. adam says:

    7 inch is a good size for a tablet. How many people want to lug around a huge device wherever they go. People need to be educated before they delve into the market for a new tablet. Apple has made a name for itself with the iPod and they are just rising the wave…heads up, Apple’s products are over priced!

    Maybe you guys should write a guide for people like the one in the link below


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