iPhone Nano May Come Without On-Board Storage

Move over iPad 2, drugs iPhone Nano is here to take the coveted position of being the most rumored-about device. According to the Wall Street Journal, iPhone Nano is a real product and is meant to supplement the existing iPhone line up. Now, Cult of Mac has gone a step further and has claimed that the iPhone mini is likely to rely upon cloud storage and consequently will have no local storage. At first, it may sound too drastic, but then we think about second generation Apple TV, which is a streaming only device and comes with only 8 GB of memory. Even this memory is basically used for the OS and for buffering media.

Incidentally, memory also happens to be the most expensive part of the iPhone. According to a tear down done by iSuppli, memory constitutes up to one-quarter of the device’s cost. So, losing the memory seems like a logical step, when Apple is planning to keep the new iPhone’s price at 50 percent of the original price. The new rumor also dovetails well with yet another rumor of MobileMe becoming a free service. So, what’s your take on this? Would you be willing to bet on a phone with no on-board storage?

Source: Cult of Mac

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