Apple To Release Smaller, Budget iPhone?

Companies seem to keep ignoring the massive impact price can have on product sales.

There’s always people who are willing to pay top dollar for better quality and there’s contracts and data plans which can spread out the cost, discount but ultimately most people will be pushed away by a product if it has an extortionate price-tag. Amazon’s Kindle sales sky rocketed, ampoule not because of a software update or a hardware update, or a new model, but because prices were slashed. So why did nobody pay attention? Well it’s hard to believe but it seems super stern Apple, of all companies are the only ones who have.

The rumour is that Steve and Co are working on a cheaper, smaller iPhone which should be ready for a midyear release.

The company has reportedly considered offering the new handset for $200

Charlie Wolf an analyst at Needham & Co. in New York said the move “would let Apple drastically increase its target market for the iPhone.”

Really? You don’t say.

We all know that if this rumour materialised the things would sell like hot-cakes, but will it really happen? It doesn’t seem like Apple.

Source: Washington Post

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