iPad Mini Not iPad 3 to Be Released in September Reports Cnet?

The release date of the iPad 2 is expected for the 14th of February, however before you know it the iPad 2 will be old news and the tech world will be chasing news on the next iPad, probably named the iPad 3.

Yesterday, John Gruber, a respected journalist in the world of tech who is known for getting first dibs about Apple rumours wrote “Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is right, they’re not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3.” Like a domino effect the a flurry of reporters speculated that the iPad 3 could be released ‘late summer’ or ‘September’ after John Gruber’s comments.

Well, it was not long after Cnet reporter David Carnoy, thought he would create another rumour about the iPad 3 and suggest that the iPad 3 would in actual fact be the iPad Mini. He reports that this is because for a while now Apple have suggested that they might want to launch a much smaller 7 inch iPad especially as the Samsung Galaxy S, Nook Color and rumoured Amazon Android tablet are all 7 inches in size and are doing well or expected to do well?

See Mr Carnoy, we thought we would be one of the first to help you feed that rumour into the tech world…wonder how long it will take to get the word across! :-)

What do you think? Do you think we will be getting the iPad 3 or the iPad Mini this September? Or are these all rumours? Leave us your thoughts below…

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2 Responses to “iPad Mini Not iPad 3 to Be Released in September Reports Cnet?”

  1. selfsilent says:

    The iPad mini has been available for years, it’s called the iPhone.
    Jobs has already berated the myriad of iPad wannabes for having small screens so he wouldn’t then go and make one too. Once he makes his mind up, nothing will change it. Look at flash on iOS and Bluray on the Mac.

    You can speculate all you like but as the iPad 2 isn’t even out yet, your guess will be as good as anyone elses. I’d like to see widescreen on the iPad 3 so the on-screen controls aren’t in the way of the game and eventually, wide screen games.

  2. B+J says:

    we would both like to see:

    an SD Card on the iPad 3.

    It has to be widescreen to keep up with todays technology; so to be able to play games and to watch videos that have been down loaded.

    Also, the 10″ touchscreen to have retina display.


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