Sony Ericsson G900 – Mixing Business with Pleasure


It’s always hard to mix business with pleasure and your mobile phone is no exception. If you’re sick of having to lug around two phones, one for business and one for personal use because you can’t seem to find one that will combine both, then it might be time to bid farewell to this excess baggage as it looks as though Sony Ericsson may have cracked it with their latest offering of their G900 mobile phone. This phone adds a little bit flirty fun with its funky games and camera capability as well as letting you get down to some serious business with internet access via WiFi. So with that in mind let’s find out if the Sony Ericsson G900 can cut it in the boardroom as well as the bedroom…

Sony Ericsson G900

It does appear that Sony has created a masterpiece as this phone not only offers you easy navigation and WiFi access to the internet on the go but it’s simple to use, lightweight, so it’ll fit neatly in your pocket and just when you need to take it out to capture the perfect camera moment, it comes with a whopping 5 megapixel camera.

If you want to give your fingers a rest from texting using the QWERTY style editor then the mobile phone brings to the table the added ability to use a stylus pen to write your notes on the phone or if you’re feeling bored during a meeting, then you can even doodle…no one will ever notice!

Just like the Nintendo DS and many PDA’s on the market, a small ‘pen’ like instrument can be used to write notes onto the G900 in your own handwriting. Although this feature can sometimes be fidgety to use, reading and writing notes whilst on the move can be a doddle rather than pressing multiple buttons just to get the words ‘Meeting at 3PM’.

The phone incorporates touch screen technology, which all manufacturers seem to be using these days. At times this has proved problematic when wearing gloves or just getting it to work, but it looks as though Sony has listened to the woes by giving the user the option of either touch screen or using the good old school navigation style through the keypad. The two combined will definitely make me more productive. YIPEE! But I’ll let you be the judge of that, as everyone has their own preference.

Not only will this phone look good at work, it will amaze everyone down at your local pub. You can WOW your colleagues and friends with the handwriting recognition feature, music player, 3D games and many more.

Gaj-it Verdict

All in all, it’s a great phone for those busy times when you’re on the move, or when you’re chilling out on the settee.

Expected in July 2008, it’s definitely one to watch out for. Mixing business with pleasure…who can resist?!

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