PSP2 To Have 3G And OLED Screen ?

More juicy details have come our way regarding Sony’s new PSP2, the current rumours doing the rounds are that the new handheld with come with OLED screen and 3G network connectivity.

The data connection will mean that multiplayer games can be played from afar, as well as giving the PSP2 the potential to download videos, films and games wirelessly.

That’s not all – the display is said to be an OLED touchscreen affair, which will mean crisp, delicious graphics and games which can be played without the keypads.

Sony’s plans for the PSP are still a bit of a mosaik, they are still planning a phone version, which is going to run Android and allow you to make calls, but the PSP2 won’t allow you to dial out.

And don’t forget they launched a revised version of the PSP a while ago, called Go, it’s a physical media free and has struggled to take a foot-hold in the market – so much so you got 10 free games when you bought it to sweeten the deal.

There are 3 days to go before the big unveil, but even if half the rumours are true the PSP2 will definetley be worth a look and will surely give Nintendo’s soon to be launched 3DS a run for its money.

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