Top Mobile Insurance Providers: Our Guide to Cheaper Mobile Insurance

With the New Year making you tighten those purse strings, one thing which we need to cut out and budget is the unnecessary items.  Apart from cutting out the chocolates, alcohol and eating out, there is one unnessary item which can save you money every month, which is mobile phone insurance.

If you own for example an iPhone, then there is a likely chance that you will be paying a hefty £15.99 per month on top of your monthly bill is certainly something which you can cut out of your monthly outgoings.

Now, it would be silly of us to offer you advice on not having any form of insurance as a mobile phone, particularly the iPhone is certainly an pretty expensive piece of kit and when things go wrong you need to have good insurance in place to be able to replace it.  So what other options are out there?  Well, we have decided to trawl the Internet to see whether we could find the best deal for insuring your iPhone without having to pay the hefty price tag.

Read the Small Print

If you want to buy your mobile phone insurance, this can be done in minutes online – and you can select a myriad of different options allowing you to really tailor your insurance for your needs – this is just a small sample of whats on offer.

But they have different excess levels and will leave you without a phone for a while the new one is couriered to you. If you buy from the shop, quite often you can go to your local phone shop with the necessary paper work and you will be given a new phone on the day, unless the insurance claim is investigated – which tends to be 1 in 100 claims.

When it comes to excesses, you need to be aware that if you claim within 3 months you will see a substantially larger excess than if you claim after 6 months and 12 months. But you need to have made the claim within 24hours of the said incident – especially if your abroad.

You must understand the terms of the agreement; make sure you stick to them and you should have piece of mind that your phone is covered. For instance if you leave you phone in your car and it’s on show they will not pay out.

With any type of insurance there are various different comparisons sites which will do the leg work for you – so use them and save time, money and stress. Here are some of the latest deals we found.

Betterbuy Insurance: From £19.99 – £49.99 Per Year

Betterbuy came up with the cheapest quote for an iPhone 4 – for £19.99 per year. You will get cover for accidental damage worldwide only, but will not cover you for loss, breakdown or theft. They will not insure phones for under 16’s, and will only payout to the value of £400.00 so may not cover the whole phone. The excess is £35-£50.

For £39.99 per year you can get their next cover which will include theft, but not breakdown or loss. The insurance includes Unauthorised calls. new replacement. But again only up to £400.00 and only for over 16’s. The excess is more on this deal is £50 -£100.

Their top insurance deal at £49.99 per year and will include the theft, loss and accidental cover. As well as unauthorised calls. worldwide cover – but not breakdown. The policy again only pays up to £400.00 and only for over 16’s only. The excess is £50-£100

Protect Your Bubble: From £64.89 – £76.89 Per Year

Protect your bubble came up with most comprehensive coverage we found for £64.89 – they will cover you for theft, breakdown and accidental cover. They guarantee a 48hour replacement, unauthorised calls, no age restriction and you can get one month free.

If you pay £76.89 – they will include loss as well making the only one we found to cover all possible situations, both in the UK and worldwide. The excess is a reasonable £50.00 -£75.00.

Insurance2Go: From £40.41 -53.41 Per Year

For £40.41 Insurance2go will cover your pride and joy for theft and accidental damage. Again their limit is £400.00, under 16’s not covered and excess will fall the longer the policy – and the you can get the first three months for free if you signup today. The excess is £50-£100.

For an extra £13.00 you will be covered for theft, loss and accidental damage. Again the same restrictions apply from above including the 3 months for free. Unfortunately Insurance2go will not cover you for breakdown. The excess is £50-£100.

Mobile Phone Protect Insurance: From £83.88 to £119.88 Per Year

Mobile Phone Protect Insurance offer iPhone insurance for £83.88 – this will cover you for 3 gadgets to the value of £500, you will be covered for theft, breakdown and accidental cover, but not loss. It only covers UK residents over 18 and is worldwide cover. Their excess is only £20.00.

The also offer the same deal for five gadgets up to £1,000 for £119.88, again it  doesn’t cover loss, but does include theft, breakdown and accidental damage.Its only for UK residents who are over 16 years of age.


As you can see their of plenty of options to choose from – our advice would be go one of the popular comparison websites and try and find the best deal for your needs. We found that Protect Your Bubble were the only company to offer fully comprehensive cover for a £6.66 a month for 12 months – this is remarkably good deal and is well worth considering.  We urge anyone paying more than £7 a month for mobile insurance to shop around for cheaper alternatives for the same cover.

Do you have a horror story about insurance ? Been made to wait weeks? Been treated badly ? Air your grievances below – and let us know who you are insured with and whether they kept their end of the bargain.

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