The Green Hornet Movie: Gadget Gear Filled Flick

If you’re old enough to remember the The Green Hornet TV Series from the 60s then you will remember that the TV series was packed with a colourful mix of gadgets from a sonic distrupter to a transmitting ring used to call the Black Beauty.

Well, pills the mask vigilante story is back again on the big screen with thankfully all the gadgets updated for all you gadget lovers to ogle over. Ok so some of the gadgets are still a little kitsch for our liking, with things like a gas gun and sushi flash drive but one beauty to feast your eyes on is the Black Beauty.

This 1965 Chrysler Imperial comes fully kitted out from steering to exhaust. The two 30-caliber M1919 Browning machine guns are hood-mounted and retractable. The monster of a car also includes front- and rear-bumper which comes equipped with Stinger missiles. And wait for it…the grill-mounted M2 flamethrower and retractable tire spikes will send goosebumps down anyones spine.

Check out what the movie is all about in the trailer below presented by Sony:

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