Apple file 45 iPad patents

In an effort to counter-attack the hordes of ‘iPad killers’Apple has filed a whopping total of 45 patents with the European Patent and Trademark Office, the 45 patents relate to the UI on the Apple iPad and (if they are passed) will make it very hard for tablet developers to replicate the iPad.

The 45 patents cover everything from the virtual on screen keyboard, to the calendar, mail app and the home screen.

It’s a shame that Apple have to keep their ideas all to themselves but it’s only fair that if Apple can prove they own the rights to certain elements of the iPad UI that they protect themselves from copy cats.

But to what extent can the patent something like a virtual keyboard? It’s an essential aspect of a tablet device and it’s not like Apple can sue every company that dares to use one, and they’ve been around before the iPad.

All of the trademarks were filed in Munich Germany by Bardehle Pagenberg. Now it’s just a matter of waiting to see how this affects European tablet PCs in the coming months.

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    Prior art: Star Trek TNG


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