Nokia N9 Set For MWC Unveiling And April Release Date?

An event definitely worth noting for the mobile fanatics out there – the Mobile World Congress – is set to take place 14th-18th February, ed and we’re expecting nothing less than rumour and leak after rumour and leak circulating around the event. Well, order to get you all started, ampoule Nokia is supposedly choosing MWC to unveil their upcoming smartphone the QWERTY-board using Nokia N9.

Along with the rumoured official launch, it seems we could look forward to an April release date in Europe for the device.

The N9 has popped up in various leaks and rumours in the past, and a pretty good idea of what the device’s specs will be is already going around. The device is supposedly using a 4.2-inch OLED screen, a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, and a rather impressive 12-megapixel camera.

The handset is set to be the flagship device for Nokia and Intel’s MeeGo platform, the new OS designed to take Nokia away from their rather unsuccessful OS Symbian and back into the big leagues with Android and iOS.

The device is also looking to be a powerful device for gaming, with a dedicated gaming engine rumoured which can display 190 polygons p/s, which would put it far ahead of any competition currently around.

We are without a doubt looking forward to Nokia’s potential smartphone game changer, especially in a time close to where we could be seeing the Playstation phone and the iPhone 5 emerge.

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  1. Jurgen says:

    can u play with u .. I don’t know. Shame on you Nokia, you Japon company. Why yours equipment are so difficult to understand..?
    You start the touch srcreen an stoped. You start the Tablet. And stopd. And between that, yo make notebook, and this too, too late. What is broblem out there in could area.. and so on..
    Try to do something better than your stupidos communicators or what evr. Sell all over to word litle things, you’ll never, never.. groving upp.


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