Top 5 Flying RC Helicopters

Christmas is just around the corner, pills but a lot of us leave the joy of buying presents till the very last minute. Although, cialis at first glance an RC flying helicopter looks like a toy for kids, symptoms it’s numerous gadgety features make it a great choice as a gift for your boyfriend or husband.

Syma 107 Gyro RC Helicopter

The Syma Metal Series 107 has a built in gyroscope that makes it far more manoeuvrable and the internal solid state gyroscope enables a whole new level of directional control, which means that the helicopter always maintains a fixed heading.  You can charge this helicopter in 40-50mins using either the remote control handset or via USB connection. Once charged, the Syma 107 Gyro RC Helicopter can fly for about 6-8 minutes. A rechargeable 3.7v Li-poly battery is included in the package and spare parts are available. Buy Now at RED5 for £25

RC Helicopter – Gyro Apache

This RC helicopter Gyro Apache has a 3 channel control system and an innovative design, which makes flying very smooth.  The Gyro Apache can be piloted forwards and backwards, as well as up and down and left and right with the minimum of effort. Full charging times is about 30 minutes which allows you to fly this techie toy for about 8-10 minutes. However, batteries are not included.  Buy Now at Firebox for £24.99

Syma Double Horse 9083 Carbon Fibre and Aluminium RC Helicopter

The DH-9083 Double Horse is almost 2 feet long and includes carbon fibre and aluminium parts. This helicopter can be directed all 4-ways (forward, ascend, left & right) and has adjustable trim. It takes about 3 hours to charge this big boy, which gives you about 20 minutes of flying power. The DH-9083 helicopter is not recommended for beginners and comes with a 7.2v rechargeable battery. Buy Now at Ebay for £19.99

RC Helicopter Apache AH64

This 4 channel helicopter is based on the military Apache helicopters and has a coaxial contra rotating system. The RC Helicopter Apache AH64 has a Li-poly 7.4V 1000mAh battery, which lets you fly this helicopter for around 15 minutes. The whole package also includes a Spare Main Rotor Set.

This has been designed for the RC flyers who would like to learn how to fly a 4 channel helicopter upgrading from a 2 channel. Buy Now from Amazon for £14.99

Mini Remore Control Helicopter – gyro Zoomer

This tiny Gyro Zoomer Remote Control Helicopter offers the same amazing flight performance, despite being very small size – it’s only 11cm long! It the smallest remote control gyro helicopter in the world. The Gyro Zoomer can be easily controlled in all directions and is especially suitable for beginners. Each helicopter comes with 2 spare back propellers and a handy extra spare back. You can get 6-8 minutes flight from a 20-25 minute charge. Buy Now from Paramount Zone for £22.99

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