Facebook and Skype Integration: Could Be Called Face Me?

We could soon be looking at a big step in the way Facebook chat is being used in the near future as it seems the social-networking giants’ recent dealing for integration with Skype could be coming into fruition soon.

Amongst Facebook’s code, order Green Any Site spotted a VideoChat object which had been recently added which has several references to Skype. This could mean we could soon be able to video chat in-site or with Skype users, price and there is also reportedly the possibility of linking Skype and Facebook IDs.

The code discovered has been reported to check for ActiveX support in IE, or for SkypeKit SDK. SkypeKit SDK is Skype’s new software which allows software and hardware developers to use the video and call technology already in their apps or devices.

Skype and Facebook have already started to show signs of their allegiance with Skype v5.0 containing the Facebook news feed on the UI, along with the ability to use various wall features such as posting statuses, commenting and liking posts.

Also, although it does sound pretty bizarre, Facebook attempted to trademark the word ‘Face’ for whatever they have planned. It seems pretty likely this is going to be related to the Skype integration feature and the term “Face me” may be a possible saying or name in regards to using the feature.

So video-chatting in Facebook is looking to be pretty imminent, although maybe looking at a 2011 launch would be more realistic here.

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