Amazon selling smartphones for $0.01

Amazon certainly knows how to put on a sale. When I think sale I think a pair of Jeans from £170 to £150 or a video game with £2 knocked of the RRP. In other words, rubbish.

But Amazon on the other hand are selling four Droid smartphones models for $0.01.
That’s right:

The Motorola Droid X, $0.01
HTC Droid Incredible, $0.01
Motorola Droid II, $0.01
Motorola Droid Pro, $0.01

So what’s the catch(es)?

-A $35 activation fee with Verizon.
– You must be a new Verizon customer
-You must agree to a two-year service agreement
– All but the Droid II are backordered due to demand from the sale

-You must get a voice plan and data plan. So you’re talking $59.99 per month for text and talk and $29.99 per month for unlimited data usage. In other words you’ll be paying Verizon at least $90 per month.

But with the Droid Incredible going for up to $600 on Amazon. This is a phenomenal deal.

The excitement doesn’t stop there either. Approximately 34 other smartphones from various manufacturers and carriers are also being offered for the low price of a single coin, including offerings from Samsung and RIM.

So raid your piggy bank and get on Amazon. You lucky Americans.

Source: PCmag

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