Google Launch Boutiques: A New Fashion Shopping Site

Google are the number on search engine on the web for a reason; they offer fast and accurate results, offer a great map service and have a great mail client. They have also branched out beyond the free service with Android for mobile devices which has been widely recognised as a good OS for devices, but can they tell us how to dress better? Well, Google have decided to dip their hands into the online fashion shopping market with new website

The new online fashion shopping site aims to bring something new to the market, with presentation being an important factor for the site. Much of the site can be navigated through categorised styles. The styles are split up between Celebrity, Designer, Blogger, Retailer, Trend, and Style Genre categories which can be ‘followed’ to track any changes or new products in in the categories.

One notable features of the site is the “shop in the style of…” option which can allow you to dress just like your favourite celebrities, where you can focus on styles and designers favoured by those celebrities. Notable celebrities to appear in the launch include the Olsen Twins and Ashlee Simpson.

If you want to avoid being categorised, you can use the sites search feature which will help you find specific items if you wish. Most of the site’s products hyperlink to other websites which sell the piece of clothing you may want to buy.

There is also a “Your Boutique” feature which allows users to build up their own style which can be commented and viewed by other members of the site if you’re feeling brave and open to both praise and criticism for your fashion sense.

The launch of this site also means that doing searches over Google will turn out much more precise, as opposed to the risk of being bombarded with fodder or potential unreliable sites from the search engine. Also, if the third party site linked to the piece of clothing you want is looking a little pricey using Google to specifically search for the item you want will help you find the best deal possible.

Notably, the site runs pretty smoothly despite the content already being quite high, and gives you that little bit more patience with shopping for clothes online. Although fashion isn’t necessarily a one-gender focused thing, the site is undoubtedly aimed for women and men looking to shop for clothes would be best off elsewhere. If you’re a frequent online fashion shopper, Boutiques will definitely be one site to consider in the future.

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