Mobile Chip Lets Your Phone Check You For STIs

UK is facing the rising rate of STIs and STDs among young and not-so-young people. And if you had been putting off that visit toDoctor due to your busy schedule or general reluctance, doctor then here is a ray of hope for you.

Technology and medical experts are now working on developing a small chip that will help you in checking your STD status. This chip is expected to be the size of a USB chip and will plug into your phone or computer. All you have to do is to either pee or spit on to this computer chip and you will receive your diagnostics within minutes.

The project already has seven funders including Medical Research Council behind it. Researchers are expecting to make this chip available for as little as 50p or £1 per unit. The chips will be distributed through vending machines in supermarkets, nurse pharmacies and night clubs.

STIs are increasing among young women and in 2009, nurse STIs among women increased 4 percent while the rate of growth was 1 percent among men. The new chip will certainly help people in making their own diagnosis and hence will reduce the chances of unwitting spreading of the infections.

Source: Guardian

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