Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo Finally Arrives

Owners of one of Samsung’s current leading smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S will rejoice today as the long awaited Android upgrade – Version 2.2 Froyo – has started hitting devices and will be available to all by the end of this month. Despite the Galaxy S being one of Samsung’s leading smartphones, the Froyo update which has been available on other devices (Samsung and other competitors) has taken quite a while to finally reach it.

Samsung’s Official UK Twitter said today; “Froyo starts rolling out today; everyone will have it by the end of Nov. To prepare, get the latest version of Kies.” Kies is a piece of software required to obtain the update.

The update to Froyo 2.2 means that Samsung Galaxy S owners can now make use of a number of new features including; the very popular flash support, Google Maps GPS navigation with voice guidance, and device tethering.

However, this rather late update may be made inferior very soon, as the upcoming version 2.3 Gingerbread has been reported to be closer to release than ever, with the next update from Google’s OS being sent to developers in under a week on November 11th. So what are you Samsung Galaxy S users waiting for? Get your long time coming update now before you have to feel inferior to all those devices which may get Gingerbread earlier than you.

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7 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.2 Froyo Finally Arrives”

  1. phonefreek says:

    Froyo is a hot piece of ****. It messed up my Evo and I wanted 2.1 back. Not to mention I already have nav with voice prompts on my Samsung Mesmerize with 2.1 on it.

    2.1 rules, 2.2 is a buggy piece of garbage, consider yourself warned.

  2. al says:

    Froyo slowed my Galaxy down….stopped calender working and stopped exchange email wokring!!! Maybe I should have gone with iPhone4!!!

  3. Scott Deagan says:

    Android in general is a pile of dog poo. I tried to write an app, needed to intercept SSL “invalid name on cert” type errors. The import lib wasn’t available, Google responded to someone in a thread with a similar problem with: “Write your own SSL library or hire a contractor”.

    Also, I rely on Exchange email AND calendar AND contacts. While the email client can fetch emails, the calendar integration is missing, as are contacts.

    It’s back to iPhone for me.

  4. figgsy says:

    everytime i connect my samsung galaxy s to my pc and try to update it using the latest version of kies i keep getting the message “this device cannot be updated” can anyone help??

  5. androhate says:

    TBH, Andriod is another Gimmik. It’s broadly claimed it’s a Linux, or more definativley, an open source OS. That makes it clunky, slow to develop, and gives companies like Google a great excuse to fob everyone off. LG, Samsung, and even HTC themselves are guilty of a piss-poor service and development backlogs.

    iPhone, despite being an Apple based product seems to tick a LOT of boxes for more and more people….. Andriod, IMHO won’t last.

  6. Kbrit says:

    Hi there. Indeed, since installing the new froyo the email
    send feature doesnt work anymore. Im back to my blackberry. When is
    samsung solving these issues?


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