Sony Xperia X10, Android 2.1 update delayed.

This ‘delay’ as reported by 27/Oct is actually referring to an SE blog post which is a month old So there is in fact no further delay and 2.1 should be hitting X10s about now.

As The Smith’s once said; ‘Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.’ An Android update has been delayed. Yes, that old chestnut. So which phone is it this time? It’s the Sony Xperia X10 and its little brother (and phone of the year award winner) X10 mini.

It seems no handset is safe from the dreaded Android Delay.

Sony Ericsson has delayed the arrival of the much awaited Android 2.1 update to its Xperia X10 line up by a couple of weeks. The update, supposed to have been released by the end of October 2010 has now been put back a “couple of weeks” according to a blog by the company.

When Google and Sony Ericsson finally manage to run alongside each other in harmony, X10 customers are to expect: HD video recording with continuous auto focus (on the X10), a new back-up and restore application, with extended content back up, five homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders, and a ‘Social phonebook’ which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online.

It all sounds good, but if this update debacle is anything like previous ones, a couple of week probably means a couple of months.

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49 Responses to “Sony Xperia X10, Android 2.1 update delayed.”

  1. Sandesh says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo……….. I hate it when it gets delayed

  2. Jefferson says:

    Sonyericcson should shame for this … i want 16million colors and multi touch ..cause x10 supports multi touch!! :@ :@

  3. Kevin says:

    Sony has got issues. Somehow I am not that surprised. I am willing to bet that in a couple of weeks, they will delay the update yet again for another couple of weeks. Maybe we will get the update in December…. or maybe next year.


  4. Elian says:

    I think you guys and the guys @ onlygizmos should do their homework better. This blog from SE is actually older then a month. It refers to the earlier delay pushing the update back form september to october. According to SE’s product launch blog the update is finished and right now they’re awaiting google’s approvel. You guys scared the hell out of me letting me think i had to wait even longer. #Fail

  5. xavi says:

    Why is SE wasting time with Eclair? Its high time for SE to have already start testing the Froyo, else it won’t be long before it finds itself in its loss situation.

  6. Travis says:

    No, X10 doesn’t support multitouch. I read a couple of weeks ago that a Sony person stated that despite it being a capacitive screen the hardware is not capable of multitouch, and Android updates won’t fix that.

    I still look forward to the update for the other stuff though!

  7. Matt says:

    I would suggest you check your source of information. The article referenced is based on a blog entry on September 23rd in reply to the postponed release of X10 update schedule for Q3. (Over a month old).

    Lets hope this scaremongering ceases before being hugely taken out of context.

  8. Kish says:

    Wth!!!!…nt again…for the 3rd tyme…sukz man!!!

  9. ziaw says:

    SCREW SONY ERICSSON MAN!!! bloddy assholes .. i bought x10 paid a fortune, and these shit holes cant even get one update on time ..

  10. codefreak says:

    Where did you source this information from, I can’t find anything on their blog stating this?

  11. Gaplek says:

    Fuck sony

  12. Marty says:

    Umm, where did you see this information, because when I go on the blog, I cannot see ANYTHING that says it’s been delayed by a couple of weeks. I only see comments from the SE guy TODAY still saying by the end of the month.

  13. nanoquintino says:

    If you wanna critic SE due to the delay!!! please in here!!!

    We’re getting together all the critics, and related content!!! Please support with content about X10, Android and overall critics!!!

    NanoQuintino, From CHILEEE!!!

  14. Durrrr! says:

    Check your sources, this referenced the first delay at the beginning of Sept. Actually go to the blog and check the dates of the post!! Honestly lazy journalism!

  15. Stuart says:

    Source Please….?

    Because sony ericsson uk twitter is saying its in final testing, and will be release in a few days, Also ive been looking at SE blogs, and it doesnt mention any where about being delayed again!

    So to be honest.. I dont believe this.

  16. Dominoes says:

    …yet they keep selling it. Wow. This is how large companies fail. They won’t see it short term but I know anyone I talk to I tell them go HTC or Nexus but definitely not Sony phones.

  17. MeMo_KoaLa says:

    Honestly I paid a lot of money for this phone n I’ve been bitting my nails counting the days n hours for the update and I get this! Today? at the end of oct!!!????
    NAWT COOL!!!!!
    This update better have multi-touch cus the phone can do it
    and NO more delays please
    PLEASE all this delays desapoind a lot of xperia owners so throw something nice in the update n please the fans :)
    anyways no more delays ok

  18. Belcebu says:

    A quote from the Sony Ericsson products blog:

    Rikard Skogberg says:
    October 28, 2010 at 8:18 am
    Hi all!
    I do feel your frustration about not getting a date and I’m sorry for not being able to do anything to just fix it. However – as I’ve tried to explain in almost everything I write here – fact is that there will never be ONE date. The date will be different for almost all of you since it all depends on when the specific “kit” you have is all approved and ready. That’s one of the reasons why it doesn’t really make sense to give a firm date either. That date would spread to lots of other forums where it’s out of context and lots of consumers don’t knowing the gradual nature of the roll-out will of course be even further frustrated if their kit isn’t out. That said – If nothing bad happens last minute I assure you we will have the first kits rolling out in October and then continue into November.

    So, no delay. At least, not officially.
    Then again, we’ve heard that one before too.

  19. Ryan says:

    maybe not, i am downloading an update for my x10 now

  20. Nikhil says:

    no such thing is written on the Sony Ericsson blog !! wonder why u are sayin so ?

  21. Joe says:

    Which blog? Their official blog has nothing about a further delay to the X10.

  22. shonangreg says:

    I don’t really want to root my X10, but SONY Ericsson is doing its damnest to get me to try. They cripple multi-touch (maybe in software), they add Timescape and other bloat, hence they are slow to update, then they delay the update, then they delay again!

    I’d like a basic, vanilla update path option from SONY. I’d guess half of their customers would jump at such a chance.

  23. Droid Boy says:

    ” The update, supposed to have been released by the end of October 2010 has now been put back a “couple of weeks” according to a blog by the company.”

    Can you please link ‘a’ blog by the company?

    Thank you,

    Droid Boy

  24. Matt says:

    “Written by Rikard Skogberg. This entry was posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at 9:04 am”

    Old information wouldn’t you say?

  25. Droid Boy says:

    The article was written “September 23rd, 2010″ And your article sounds as if there would be another delay, which is indeed wrong, as the said article prolongs: “start the roll-out from end of October and onwards.”
    Which means for the ‘end’ you have still two days and for onwards you might have another couple of days.

    You write: “The update, supposed to have been released by the end of October 2010 has now been put back a “couple of weeks” according to a blog by the company.”

    So show me the source saying that there is a new delay of a couple of weeks.

  26. Jonny says:

    “This entry was posted on Thursday, September 23rd” You’re right. There is no further delay to the delay. Only Gizmos were referring to an old SE blog post. Apologies; I should have checked their sources.

  27. Joe says:

    This article should be removed – as currently IT IS WRONG!

  28. Annkur says:

    Extremely sorry folks, we have updated our piece and yes its was a error at our end. Apologies, trying to reach-out to all the blogs who reported this and get this updated.

    Founder / Editor

  29. A Agarwal says:

    Extremely sorry folks, the rumor started from our post and we admit it was an error. Apologies.

  30. Arthur says:

    Ok, I used to be on windows mobile, can’t remember any phone giving me an update (once I got some bug fixes from Asus), so I am pleased to see SE is trying to update my phone.
    Only drawback of the X10 is it’s lack of an calander widget when using an exchange server. 2.1 should solve this issue. If 2.1 reaches my phone next month, that’s ok but otherwise I should install some other software. It would be nice to have a real release date.

  31. sajid says:

    they are playing hide and seek with people…….sony ericsson now asshole

  32. disappointed says:

    wow ….. seriously … what .. the ..!@#$ .. stop making promises that you can’t keep. this is ridiculous. i’m never buying sony ericsson again.

  33. @StevenLaw13 says:

    Ive been waiting 4 months for this fuckin update. HUSTLE SONY!

  34. It’s still delayed? Not a good news.

  35. tony says:

    SE,lets make a mobile phone with 8mp camera and not put a flash on it ,yeah really good idea NOT , ………The phone is brilliant just a shame about the flash and other things , just common sence really,pull your finger out SE ,

  36. hazza says:

    HTC it is then tomorrow im gonna buy onee :)

  37. milka888 says:

    let’s movbe our action on Facebook to make Sony realize that the world had changed and they cannot continue to ignore their customers:

  38. callum s says:

    Travis the x10 does support multitouch if you want to look your self go on google maps and pinch zoom on it and u will find t does have the hardware

  39. Simon says:

    I am a little disappointed that the update for the x10 has dragged on for so long.

    However it is vital that Sony test the OS thoroughly and make sure they get optimal performance out of the phone.

    So maybe it will be worth the wait in the end?


  40. Sony fan says:

    this is what i think…
    sony ericsson are trying to generate more sales from the xperia, before they launch the new update, because there is another phone they are working on at the moment, so they want to max out before the release.

    another thing, sony ericsson are only interested on the bottom line, and because of this, i will never be purchasing from this company again…

    they have repetitively prolonged the release of the andriod 2.1, which in fact is quiet unprofessional, if not very annoying.furthermore, when you call them, they edge you on and say ”mate, you will probably get it today, or later on this week”, inderectly insulting their customers…

    not to mention the fact that the sony xperia x10 has soo many software faults, that is the reason why they have decided to introduce this update anyway….

    finally, i would just like to say, to the CEO of sony… Your a fucking ashhole….

    kiss my ash…

  41. Dazza says:

    sony pc companion trys to update my android the errors WTF

  42. Steven says:

    lol so how about that multi touch all you @~* said would be on this update. Your shit talking only fuels the rumors. please dont talk like you know.


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