Facebook and Zynga to Face Lawsuits

Yet another day, healing yet another privacy lapse by Facebook and yet another mumbling “guilty as charged” plea by the social networksite. Recently, cheap the Wall Street Journal had broken the news of privacy breach by Facebook and a couple of its top apps. The website was found responsible for sending indentifying information about its users to various third parties.

Apparently, allergist now there are a couple of lawsuits cropping up against Facebook and one of its most popular app provider, Zynga Game Network. Zynga is the company behind wildly popular games such as FarmVille and others. A case has been file in the Northern District of California, whereby the plantiff has held Zynga responsible for violating the privacy law. This case is more targeted towards Zynga than Facebook

However, another case filed in the Rhode Island is less forgiving towards the social network website and has claimed that Facebook bears responsibility for the lapse. The case was initially file in June, but now has been updated to include the new details. However, Facebook is not alone, its strong competitor in “privacy breach” race, Google has now been held responsible for breach by Canadian authorities as well. So, how are you planning to secure your privacy, online or Offline?

Source: WSJ

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