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Prestigio is a name that you are going to be coming across more and more if our trip to London is anything to go by. We were invited to London for the UK launch of Prestigio, medic a new high-end electronics brand.

Now, ailment it’s not often in the tech world that we are shown a selection of sexy, sleek tech that we have never heard of before, which has been on sale all over the world and are number one in Eastern Europe and Russia to name a few.

Well, this certainly applies to Prestigio, they are about to launch a myriad of fantastic looking products in the UK including; E-Readers, Sat Navs, Personal Computers, Hard Drives, USB sticks, Mice, Mousepads, Wireless HDMI Bridges, Webcams, Audio devices, Apple devices and many other products.

Prestigio is all about elegance, performance, and style. They have such a varied selection of products we were amazed that we hadn’t heard of them before.

Prestigio have a designed 5 collections to diversify their many products, these include, Leather, Gold, Racer, Hi-tech and iCollection. All of which have a particular style and personality of their own.

First of all, we were introduced to the Leather collection; this of course is aimed at discerning tech-lover who wants sophisticated products with a real leather look. The leather collection boasts refinement and functionality and includes; HDD external drives, flash drives and mouse pads.

The next collection on offer was the Gold Collection; these attractive and luxurious computer peripherals are eye-catching with their gold detailing. You can expect to see some lovely ornate USB flash drives that have more than a whiff of bling and opulence.

Next up the racer collection, these were finished in Ferrari red and encased in carbon fibre. Again they showed us HDD external drives, Flash Drives, Person computers, mice and keyboards.

Their most impressive collection has to be the Hi Tech collection; it’s a varied assortment of high quality and well designed PC and Peripherals, eBook readers, multimedia devices, and home and car accessories – this collection is dedicated to the latest technologies.

Last but not least, we were introduced to the iCollection; dedicated to some of the most successful consumer electronic devices including many Apple products.

We’ve decided to choose one product from each collection to go into more detail on, as they have such big collection we could be here all day.

First up from the leather collection, we loved the elegant take on flash drives and one that caught our eye was the DataSafe 2 –  is a USB 2.0, external flash drive with up to 500GB space and comes in a variety colours, including; black & silver, brown & silver,  and white & gold. They come with a protective leather sleeve and also come with a one-year license to AVG Internet Security Suite an award winning anti-virus software.

Price: €85

Next, we loved the look of the DataRacer 3, which looked a lot like a fan used to cool down a Formula 1 car, rather than a 3.5-inch storage drive. It includes a Sata drive, advanced air intake system, 2-year warranty and can have a capacity up to 2TB – all finished in carbon fibre and racing fire red.

Price: €169

Prestigio’s Libretto is their impressive range of eBooks, they have 5 different models to choose from, the one that caught our eye was the PER5062B, which was touted as the slimmest eBook with Wi-Fi and touch display. It’s only 8.8mm thick, has a SiPix display, which lets you read up to 10,000 pages with a single battery charge. It will play MP3’s, various image formats including, JPG, BMP and PNG. You also get a USB cable, high-quality earphones, stylish pouch and 2GB memory built-in. All with a bulletproof 2-year warranty.

Price: €199

From the iCollection we loved the PIDS2 – a docking station that will charge your iPhone or iPod and will allowing you to connect it to any home audio system, computer or TV. It also comes with a remote control and connectivity is guaranteed via mini USB and S-video out.

The sheer number and variety of Prestigio products range blew us away – they are quite clearly an ambitious new brand and will no doubt make a real impact in the tech world, whether you like understated design or loud in your face designs, Prestigio really does have a collection for all – we have no doubt that many of their products will be fantastic gift ideas in the run up to Christmas, whether is a sophisticated gold USB stick for mum, a racing car inspired hard drive for your son or one of five different eBooks for dad – there is sure to be something for everyone. And with 2-year warranties and competitive pricing Prestigio is going be a brand that you can trust in the years to come.

All products can be found here.

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